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First of all, how long should my factory battery have lasted? I have a 2011 and it just died. Does anyone know if the original battery is a agm? I figure it is, but it leaked all over/in the battery compartment? I thought they were sealed and would not leak? Or is it not an agm?

Anyway, i am trying to not spend $200+ for a battery and found a BOSCH brand - Bosch Premium Performance Battery Group Size 51
Part # 51-440BAGM
It looks to me like it will work, and i can get out the door at Pepboys, after the cor-charge refund, for only $144.00! & it has a 4 yr warranty!
I just cant tell in the one picture of it, if the positive and neg., post are on the correct sides, (need the pos/on left side)
or if they are reg sized post or pencil post like the Prius requires?

On the other hand, if it will not work, my only option is the Optima yellowtop, which like $187.00 with only a 3yr warr.

There is an Exide Edge w/4yr warr., for $147 @, but i cant order on line because i need it YESTERDAY!

If anyone sees this today, please talk to me! lol:D

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There are other things that will make "water" appear in the battery tray other than leaking acid.

It should be an AGM type for continued good service and safety.

Call around to all the auto parts places in town for an "exact replacement".

If nobody has one, you might have to pay the dealer what they ask.

Nobody can say what the "normal" failure interval is........because there isn't one.
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