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Whats the biggest deciding factor when you purchase/purchased your Prius?

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What would be the biggest deciding factor for you choosing one? Would it be price, color, dealer options, trim levels. etc......? Whatever it is post it up here. It might help people out in choosing which one to take.
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With any new vehicle I purchase financing rates and promos are actually my biggest deciding factor. If the dealership I'm going to has a a good rate and even better promotions then most likely I'm walking out of there with a new purchase.
For me its the availability of the exact options and color I want. I tend to change my mind quickly when it comes to buying things. So if they dont have the exact one I want right away I might just go buy something else. I hate being on a wait list for any vehicle.
Do you guys think its worth waiting til when dealerships have their year end clearance sales? Since I think that would be the best time to buy one but then your options might be very limited.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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