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What to Look for When Buying Used Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

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Imagine how the auto industry was decades ago.

Automatic transmissions. Fuel injection. Remote door locks. Variable Valve Timing (VVT). These then-revolutionary technologies, after some years, have now become so commonplace that they’re no longer given much second thought. But back then, folks probably wondered: would these newfangled gizmos last for the long haul? Would they break down? Would they be reliable? Cause problems? How would they operate after years and miles of use? What would be the implications on resale value?

Today, as automotive technology advances at ever-increasing rates, shopper skepticism is often leveled at the latest breed of voltage-powered vehicles — whether partially battery-powered like a hybrid or plug-in hybrid, or a fully battery-powered EV.

Batteries. Modules. Motors. Inverters. Hybrids and EVs are full of fancy tech that’s cutting edge, relatively new, and unproven to the vast majority of used car shoppers. Still, and although hybrid and EV sales remain a small fraction of new vehicle sales, more used models than ever are available.

If you’re considering one, you’ll want to consider this list of pre-purchase checks and tips, below. Most can be applied to any vehicle that’s partially, or fully, battery powered.
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