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So i just bought a prius

2006 Prius the car is so clean. It has 223K miles thats a red flag, however the car was in such great condition 90% were freeway miles. The battery kept charging up till fill 100%, I drive it with no problem avg 45 MPG.

The Problem
One day I came to turn on the car, the Toyotoa Logo on the touch screen popped up and some Check Engine light came on flashing and then it went away. HOWEVER nothing came up like the P N D R Sign on the left. I tried putting the car on Reverse the Backup Camera didn't work but it will actually go Reverse. I put it on D and drove home without seeing any Speed (MPH), GAS Sign... NOTHING.. I got home everything worked fine the day after..

Today, I came with the same problem except it will only go to Netural.. IDK what is wrong :/
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