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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Prius C Or Not? Edition

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So what is really wrong with the picture here?

found this on TTAC and figured this would be the best place to discuss it!

What’s Wrong With This Picture: Prius C Or Not? Edition | The Truth About Cars

Recent Toyota ads introducing the “Prius Family” have featured the Prius C Concept to represent the forthcoming compact Prius, which will bear only the most passing resemblance to the slick showcar. But if deception was Toyota’s game, the jig is up. Der Prius wird geschrumpft (shrunk), chortles Autobild, which says these images come from a Japanese brochure that was leaked to the web. And the car pictured does look far more production-Toyota-like than the decidedly Scionesque C Concept. Is it the real thing? Will ad-attentive Toyota fans wonder where the C Concept went? Will a compact hybrid sell well in any case? These pictures are worth a thousand questions…

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