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We are buying 4 used Prius' for our construction ccmpany. We are buying them from a Prius Hybrid specialty shop near us here in So. California.
What should our concerns be re issues we will face as a routine matter?
E.G. battery life, suspension issues, power train concerns, best years to buy?
We have confidence in the specialty shop, but we would like to be better informed re these vehicles. They will be taking care of the vehicles for us, rather than having our heavy equipment mechanics getting involved.
The miles/odometers range from 80k to 160k.
They will be driven approx. 300 miles per week each.
i'd appreciate your comments. Please excuse the lack of Prius knowledge.

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Anything over 10 years old and 100K miles is likely to have more frequent failures.
And a hybrid has more things to go bad than a conventional vehicle.
And some of those things cost a LOT to the hybrid battery.

A high mileage hybrid is somewhat more of a gamble in the long run.
Good luck.
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