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After browsing different modifications for the Gen III Prius, I came across MoonCraft's offering that claimed to reduce the Cd to .24, "AeroPrius YuraStyle Neo" and was quite impressed:

Neo Turbine wheel:
"This wheel cover is only fitted on the TWS Air Verge."

NEO Fender Trim:
"This is for controlling the flow behind the tyre."

NEO Slant Nose:
"The radar cruise system is able to attach, due to the toyota emblem can attach. This device makes efficient cooling for the condenser and the inverter. Hence, this sucks the air coming from the under."

NEO Lower Mask:
"This can control the amount of the air, which is coming through in the radiator. This also can help to reduce a drag. The chin spoiler will help for a comfortable driving with the under body."

NEO Spats:
"This is for controlling a side air flow of cars. This also helps to reduce a drag. This device is attached from brackets on the wheel house."

Neo Wing:
This wing can make the zero lift. Due to the original spoiler makes a slightly lift force. The normal high stop light is approved."

Neo Side Air Cutter:
"This device is able to control the air behind the car for a lower drag. Especially, this well performs without Spats."

NEO Mirror:
"The lowest drag mirror. This mirror has a vortex generator to control the flow behind. This mirror is approved by the automobile inspection in Japan."

NEO Louver:
"The aluminum louver can attach the automatic open and shut unit as an option. This can perform the lowest drag with the slant nose, the lower mask and the inner shroud."

Here is a video on Youtube that Prius above doing a distance competition, and traveled 638 km at 36.1km/L with 700 CC of gas remaining. That's roughly 400 miles covered at 85 miles per US gallon with 0.2 gallons left in the tank. From the video it seems that this Prius used Yokohama BluEarth tires.

When I had asked about the Cd of .24 they had informed me the wind tunnel test was done on a 1/4 scale model.

This is the price sheet (excluding shipping):


Component Materials Price (un-painted) Price (painted)
neo Slant Nose FRP $249.64 / $559.69
neo Lower mask FRP $332.82 / $642.90

neo Louver AL $347.29 ←

neo Fender Trim FRP $255.30/ $462.02
neo Mirror FRP $868.22/ $1,074.94
neo Spats FRP $586.05 / $896.13
neo Wing FRP $564.35 / $874.43
neo Side Air Cutter FRP $124.03 / $330.75

neo Turbine CFRP $1,736.45 ←
neo Automatic Louver Opener - $492.72 ←

USD total for parts before shipping (unpainted): $ 5,556.87
USD total for parts before shipping (painted): $ 7,417.32
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