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For the safety of everyone else Toyota is making a noise alert system for it's Hybrid cars since they're really quite.

I don't know about you guys but the noise sounds really bad, like a bad serpentine belt on a car loll at least they got the "automotive sound" in check.

Toyota Prius Vehicle Proximity Notification

With the number of electric and hybrid vehicles such as the Prius on the road increasing, concerns over the quietness of these vehicles have been building. Toyota has developed a sound to be projected by external speakers that rises and falls with vehicle speed, isn't masked by other environmental noise, and can be heard around obstacles and by individuals with some hearing loss.
Battery-powered electric cars and gas-electric hybrid vehicles might emit less chemical pollutants into the air. But eco-vehicles, such as Toyota's 2012 Prius V hybrid, will have another kind of emission: Noise.

In July, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced new regulations requiring electric vehicles (EVs) to emit sounds to alert pedestrians and others of their proximity to a nearly-silent running EV.

On YouTube, Toyota explained how its "vehicle proximity notification" system would work on its upcoming Prius hybrid. Like the artificial noise-maker in the Nissan Leaf, Toyota's system emits a "futuristic hum" from external speakers only when the Prius is moving at 15 mph or slower.

However, the Prius' noise-maker will also raise or lower the pitch of the hum based on the vehicle's speed. This gives pedestrians the ability to gauge the speed and direction of the Prius, says Toyota.

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