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ToyotaFest 2011 - Long Beach, CA

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ToyotaFest 2011 had a great variety of Toyota's from a old skool AE86, to a MKIII & MKIV Supra all the way up to some Scion xB's. Not much pictures of the event, but each picture below has a sick car in it. Makes me wish i had gone to this event. Did anyone go to this Toyota event?

Toyotafest 2011 (Long Beach, CA) | Canibeat
Last week was the 16th Annual All Toyotafest held once again near the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Year after year Toyotafest has never failed to impress its car enthusiasts with not only the quantity of the cars that show up to the event, but the quality of those cars as well. One thing I did notice that was different from the last couple of years was that the amount of old school Toyotas were missing, but with the absence the xB crew sure did fill up their portion of the show. I didn’t get to shoot that much during the show since every time I wanted to take a shot someone would end up getting in the shot and I didn’t want to focus on their butt, haha. But here are the pics….ENJOY!

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Supra's one of the best cars to ever come out of Japan absolutely amazing!
yes but Mark 3 Supra are the absolute best! with the boxism style still going on!
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