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Toyota to fix Prius brakes, affecting 400,000 Prius

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Announced globally (February 8 in the US) as a “voluntary safety recall… to update software in the vehicle’s anti-lock brake system (ABS)”, the embarrassing problem affects about 8500 Prius models in the UK, 223,000 in Japan and some 139,000 in the US, where 16,000 examples of the Prius-based HS250h sedan from Lexus are also involved - for a global total of 437,000 vehicles.

Old new but still good info to know if you never knew about it! Toyota has been suffering none stop since the re calls and the earth quake and tsunami and another earthquake..

Japan has just been getting hit after hit after hit...

Toyota - Safety recall for Toyota’s Prius | GoAuto
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437 000 is A LOT of vehicles to recall, it's not that bad of an issue. Other manufactures has had worse. Seems like this year has been non-stop with recalls for Toyota.

Toyota should really look into their products and making sure they can do all in their power to not have as many recalls. It's hurting the companies credibility.

any update on this Prius recall?
437 isnt a lot of recalls compared to how many recalls gm has had during the 70's till now over 15-20 million cars!
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