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LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A Toyota Motor Corp. spokesman says it's inevitable that the company will have to shut down its North American factories due to shortages of parts from Japan.

Spokesman Mike Goss says the shutdowns are likely to take place later this month, affecting about 25,000 workers. But he says no layoffs are expected.

He says the length of the shutdowns is unknown and depends on how fast earthquake-damaged Japanese parts factories get back in operation.

This is no surprise as 15% of their parts come from overseas.Hopefully Toyota will resume full production soon!

Toyota says it will temporarily shut North American plants |

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I read on edmunds that Toyota sources 50% of it's global production in Japan. That's a lot. No question if the shortage is already here or not cause it sure is.

I've been keeping up with the news within the past few days and yesterday Japan got hit with another earthquake around 7. something magnitude. Might not be the best time to buy Toyota right now.

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