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In a surprise press conference that had not been confirmed as late as last night, Toyota’s president Akio Toyoda laid out plans for Toyota getting back to normal. Bottom line: Toyota hopes to be back to normal by the end of the year.

“To all the customers who made the decision to buy a vehicle made by us, I sincerely apologize for the enormous delay in delivery,” Akio Toyoda said.
Production operations had been halted after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Production gingerly came back on-line at the beginning of the week. Currently, manufacturing plants in Japan are working at 50 percent of capacity due to parts availability, while those in North America are operating at 30 percent of capacity.

Today it was announced that in Japan, normalization of production is expected to start in July, with full normalization to be established at around November or December.

Outside Japan, depending on region and vehicle model, normalization of production is expected to start in August, with full normalization also expected to be completed in the November/December timeframe.
Toyota is still short approximately 150 parts positions, mainly electronic, rubber and paint-related. These shortages affect new-vehicle production. Replacement parts for service and repair are available.

The reduction in production is expected to take a good chunk out of Toyota’s 2011 production and sales numbers. Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota, Daihatsu and Hino) ended 2010 with worldwide production of 8.56 million, and with sales of 8.42 million. Toyota had planned a very sedate increase of 2 percent for 2011. These plans obviously have been overtaken by events.

Asked for how big the hit will be, Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco said: ”Our main focus is getting production back to normal, then we will see.”
The Nikkei [sub] already speculates that the “production cuts will likely reduce the auto giant’s overall output by some 20% to about 6.4 million vehicles in 2011. That would make Toyota the world’s No. 3 automaker, assuming production volumes at General Motors Co. and Volkswagen AG remain the same.”
“Enormous Delay In Delivery:� Toyota Production Back To Normal – By The End of The Year | The Truth About Cars

True or false or are they just being very optimistic?

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It was open intermittently during power roll outs and etc.

I don't think they will be able to fully be up and running by the end of 2011, probably at around 80% of full production and etc,but their image has been damaged by this quake as well ans sales are going to take while a before they get atop!
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