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Toyota Prius, Venza and Sienna Recalled

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Toyota has announced a recall on 52,000 2001-2003 Prius' as well as a handful of Venza and Sienna vehicles.

The recall is regarding the possibility of nuts securing the pinion shaft for the steering box assembly. These nuts may become loose from repeated full-lock turning of the steering wheel. Toyota says that over time, the driver may notice an increased amount of effort required to turn left.

To fix this issue, Toyota will install four "new and improved" nuts, taking four hours to complete.

The 2011 Venza and Sienna recall is only affecting AWD models. Only 34 Venza's and 16 Sienna's were recalled for faulty front right-hand driveshaft issues. The Japanese automaker said the driveshafts were not properly heat-treated and will need to be replaced as there is a possibility they may break. If it does break, the vehicle will coast to a stop.

Toyota will notify the owners of these vehicles starting tomorrow via certified mail.

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Toyota can use less recalls especially when they are trying to compete with GM, Chevy, Honda, Hyundai & Kia since all these brands are coming out with very competitive vehicles.
Good thing with this recall is no one was hurt from the loosened nuts.

Toyota use to build cars with tons of quality put into them, hardly ever did I hear about a Toyota recall.

Is anyone noticing reduced quality in Toyota vehicles, there don't build them like they use to.
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