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Toyota Prius Joins Leading UK Airport Taxi Fleet

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Leading airport taxi service Checker Cars has taken delivery of the first of an order for 80 Toyota Prius cars. The five full hybrid hatchbacks arrived at the company’s Stansted, Essex office in early March to take their place in an existing fleet of 80 MPVs, and will be followed by 10 more at Stansted over the next two months.

More people are finally accepting the Toyota Prius as an universal car, and now Taxi cab drivers are grabbing the benefits!

Toyota Prius Joins Leading UK Airport Taxi Fleet
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this is actually a pretty good business decision of their part. considering how expensive gas is there they will be able to recuperate the price they paid pretty quickly. uk is one of the most expensive places for gas. gas prices there are more than double what youll find in the us.
Yeah taxi's are a great start to cut down out carbon footprint. also by eliminating a lot of the need for fossil fuels. i think one city should use all hybrid Or ev taxi's which is NewYork and LA they need to cut down on the sheer amount of co2 the cities produce.
I dont get why every taxi owner does this. you would save a lot more gas , esp over the millions of Crownvic taxies..

I think Toyota should start thinking of selling this as a fleet car.. i think it would do very well..
Crown Vic's and Impala's are the worst taxi's to have. Darn gas guzzling boats that are in the masses all over USA/Canada.

Having the Prius as a Taxi is something that should've been done from a while ago when they came out. Better late than never i guess.

So happy to see companies are starting to catch onto the Prius and seeing it's benefits for them and our planet.

We need to do this almost everywhere. Governments need to enforce it or else we will keep seeing gas guzzling taxi's everywhere.

It's a win win situation

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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