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Toyota Prius Coupe discussion thread

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I've been hearing rumors of a possible Toyota Prius coupe. Never have I seen a Toyota Prius coupe concept or even Prius coupe pictures to back this up. But the rumors flying around say... Toyota Prius coupe coming 2012.

Here's a Prius coupe rendering:

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just think of the regular prius sedan with 2 less doors and you have the coupe!
seems like toyota will go ahead with the prius coupe, but instead of a real 2 door sports coupe it might end up being a prius 3 door hatch.

i found a article on it to help you out

The upcoming Toyota Prius Coupe will add plenty of eye-catching passion to it's environmentally-sound divetrain thanks to a body that will be designed in Italy.

Japan's BestCar magazine has reported that an Italian coachbuilder will be outsourced to provide the design for the two-door Prius, with the possibilities being Pininfarina or Italdesign Giugiaro. The choice to go with Giugiaro seems more likely as Toyota already has a history of working with the renowned firm. Along with creating such masterpieces as the Maserati Quattroporte, BMW M1 and Lotus Esprit, Giugiaro designed the original Lexus GS.

The Prius Coupe is expected to be unveiled some time in 2010 as a 2011 model, and is aimed at taking on the upcoming Honda CR-Z hybrid.

More: Report: Toyota Prius Coupe To Be Designed in Italy (Report: Toyota Prius Coupe To Be Designed in Italy | News) on
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I will love to see a Prius 2 door coupe. Just imagine the Prius coupe MPG numbers. If were already impressed with what the Prius sedan gets, the coupe will be better.

Some people that commute to work on a daily basis don't need the space of a 4 door, so the introduction of a Prius coupe should attract those that want good fuel economy, small car & sporty looks.

Prius Coupe vs Honda CR-Z.....this should be a good battle

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