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All right, so the title might be a wee bit misleading as the Toyota Prius will not actually whip out a hidden pair of arms just to make you dinner. Instead, what we are talking about here would be Toyota’s impending rollout of a system which will use your Prius plug-in hybrid as a giant battery. The inverter is the key here, where it will enable you to plug household electronics straight into the car thanks to a waterproof cable. This particular system is being worked on so that it can go on sale before the year is over, with Toyota marketing it as the ideal emergency power source in the event of a natural disaster – or perhaps, a nuclear meltdown. I suppose this makes plenty of sense in a country like Japan, where earthquakes and also tsunamis are pretty much the norm.

You will be able to use the Prius’ battery power to juice your range of electrical devices such as lights or cooking appliances. Not only that, as the Prius is a hybrid, it does not matter than the battery is no longer available – you are still able to drive to your destination. Not only that, driving the Prius around will also recharge the battery, allowing you to start all over again just in case there are exhausted electrical equipment.

Toyota Prius cooks dinner for you | Ubergizmo
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