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panding the Prius range of vehicles to four, the new "c" model is the smallest and most affordable Prius yet. Toyota also promises it will be the most fun to drive and it will get an even higher fuel economy rating than the standard Prius with 53 mpg combined. Unveiled this week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, watch AutoGuide's first look video of the Prius c below.

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Toyota Prius c Video First Look: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

You gonna watch out for this new car. In March 2012, the Toyota Prius C will hit the U.S. market. The automaker estimates that the hybrid hatchback will get 53 mpg in the city, claiming that this is the best fuel economy available for any vehicle that uses gasoline.

On the highway, the numbers are slightly less favorable, which is not uncommon for hybrids, as the engine does not have a chance to rest. The Prius C still turns in a highly respectable 46 mpg on the freeway, which works out to an outstanding total of 50 mpg combined. It can also be driven for a mile at speeds of up to 25 mph in battery-only mode. With this features I can't wait to drive it with my family.

Toyota thinks that their new take on the Prius - the Prius C hatchback - will keep the fires burning. According to reports, the price of the Prius C will fall below $19,000 before destination charges. I think it's not hard to ride your own car at this most affordable price.

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