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Toyota is promising a lot with its new Prius c. The upcoming baby Prius is set to up the driving enjoyment factor, while offering even better fuel economy than the standard Prius, while coming in at a price under the current model. And based on the concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, it's also going to look great! Not so fast

According to Motor Trend's sources the funky concept, "has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming production version Prius c." If true, that would be a real shame.

Instead, the car will be more like the Prius v, with a focus on functionality, but also on driving dynamics. It should measure about 6-inches longer than the current Yaris, with a wheelbase about 3-inches longer than that car. The platform will actually be shared with the Toyota Rush, allowing the Prius c to be offered with all-wheel drive.

The engine is slated to be a new Hybrid Synergy Drive unit using a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder mated to an electric motor and using a lithium-ion battery pack.

Look for the Prius c to arrive in early 2012.

More: Toyota Prius c to Get All-Wheel Drive, Look Nothing Like the Concept on

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The Prius C concept is a crazy looking vehicle, but when the design is "toned down" for production I think it will look really good. But if Toyota has been showing us this Prius C concept and has plans for something totally different then, whats the point of showing us this???

Patiently waiting official information on the Prius C.


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it would be a really stupid move on toyota end to not release a prius c that look this good it would sell like hot cakes!

Even this Prius has it down falls but a concept that looks this good and they say the real edition has nothing that looks like this is quiet the upset!
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