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At the Tokyo Motor Show we'll get to see the following:

- Prius C compact city car
- Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Sedan, Prius?
- Ultra-Compact Electric car, Prius? FT-EV?
- Fun-Vii

Press Release:


Toyota today announced five world premieres for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, including the prototype of its new compact sports car.

The unveiling of the stunning coupe will be joined by global debuts of the Prius C compact city car and three ground-breaking concepts - a next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell sedan, an ultra-compact electric car and a quirky vehicle known as the Fun-Vii.

The much-anticipated rear-wheel drive sports car is the culmination of the FT-86 series of concepts that have featured at motor shows around the world, including Australia.

A joint development with Fuji Heavy Industries, the car is destined to add appeal and excitement to the Toyota brand by reaffirming the joy of driving.

Toyota's return to the sports-car market is in response to an edict by global president Akio Toyoda for the company to re-connect with younger buyers by producing fun-to-drive models.

The spiritual successor to Toyota's illustrious sports-car heritage that includes names such as Supra and MR2, the new coupe is due in Australian showrooms around the middle of next year.

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