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It doesn’t just look unique, the philosophy behind Toyota’s new Me.We concept car brings an innovative approach to the automobile, looking to harmonize concepts of personal transportation and the greater good of the planet.

Working with Massaud, Toyota built the Me.We to combat global issues of economic and environmental challenges, while also meeting the needs of consumers. Essentially the name says it all, being a car that’s both for the individual, as well as designed for the greater good.

Propulsion is environmentally responsible using electricity with in-wheel electric motors and batteries under the floor. The car’s structure is made of aluminum, while polypropylene body panels keep weight to 1,654 lbs. Designed to use fewer materials and more renewable ones, those panels are also fully recyclable.

To help combat the increasing number of vehicles on the road, Toyota isn’t just exploring the use of materials that will help reduce emissions in its vehicles, but sourcing materials that also produce fewer emissions in their creation. As a result, materials like Bamboo are used for the floor.

At the same time, Toyota doesn’t want to sacrifice the individuality of personal transportation, adding that the polypropylene body panels are easily customizable. The car itself is also designed to suit a wide range of uses, being at the same time a convertible, city car, and a pickup.

In short, Toyota says the focus of the Me.We concept is, “on the desire for freedom, pleasure, emotion and the ability to travel free from constraints, while at the same time addressing people’s sense of personal responsibility and commitment to good citizenship.”
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