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Is Toyota planning a new hybrid sports car? According to the man in charge of the automaker’s hybrid racing plans, it would seem so.

“My ultimate goal for the near future is to develop a hybrid sports car using technology accumulated through this project,” said Hisitake Murata, speaking in a video interview posted on the Toyota UK blog. Murata is the General Manager of the Racing Hybrid Project and the man responsible for the Toyota’s Le Mans prototype race cars.

“Our technologies are shared with the whole of Toyota Motor Company,” he continues, before envisioning a future Toyota sports car. “If we made a conventional sports car we could apply a super capacitor system or combine a super capacitor system and hybrid battery to achieve a similar braking performance,” he says.

Is this what is to live under the hood of the FT-1 production vehicle? That seems unlikely as previous reports stated that the Supra successor would be gas-powered.
Read more about the Le Mans Inspired Toyota Hybrid Sports Car at
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