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Toyota increases 2011 Prius base MSRP by $470

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Toyota just announced an increase in the MSRP of just about the full lineup of Toyota, Scion, and Lexus models, including the Prius. Effective for vehicles with scheduled May arrivals from Japan, the Prius will increase in price by $470 across the board. This increase looks to be attributed to Toyota's forecast of increasing production costs following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan earlier this month, but even North American-produced vehicles are seeing between a 1.2 and 2.2 percent price increase.They really are taking a hit!

The new pricing will be as follows (effective May 2011):

Model Old Price New Price % Increase
Prius Two $23,050 $23,520 2.0%
Prius Three $24,050 $24,520 2.0%
Prius Four $26,850 $27,320 1.8%
Prius Five $28,320 $28,790 1.7%

Toyota announces $400 price increase on 2010 Prius — Autoblog Green
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This was to be expected due to the disaster in Japan. At least it wasn't too high of an increase. I'll just chalk it up as a contribution to help Japan get back on its feet as the profit will end up in Japan's economy one way or another. Plus the car is worth it anyway unlike the way overpriced Chevy VOLT.
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