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Toyota is requesting an exemption from a rule in order to sell its new Fuel Cell Vehicle.

The Japanese automaker has asked U.S. auto-safety regulators for a two-year exemption on the rule called FMVSS No. 305, which requires automakers to isolate high-voltage parts in electric cars in the event of a crash. If the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle complied, the required mechanism could render the vehicle inoperable after a low-speed collision.

According to Toyota, the Fuel Cell Vehicle will protect its occupants and first responders from electrical shocks by insulating high-voltage cables and surrounding components such as the fuel-cell stack, motor and battery with metal barriers. Toyota plans on limiting deliveries of the Fuel Cell Vehicle to 2,500 units a year.

The company has also said that the electrical safety of the Fuel Cell Vehicle will at least be equivalent to those complying with NHTSA’s standards.
To read all about this story, Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Hits Regulation Snag head on over to
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