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Toyota Downsizes Prius Wagon’s Seating Capacity for U.S.

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The new Toyota Prius V, a wagon version of the Japanese automaker’s popular hybrid, will go on sale in the United States in late summer or early fall with two rows of seats, accommodations for five and a nickel-metal-hydride battery pack similar to that on the current car. Meanwhile, because of a more compact lithium-ion battery, European and Japanese buyers will be offered a version with three rows of seats.

I'd much rather prefer a lager seating area with more spacious room, and Americans arnt exactly small, compared to the Japanese. As for the 3rd row of seats I'd rather have storage space as opposed to extra seating!
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I'd have to agree Americans arn't exactly small, plus most of us have families of 5 and if you really need to carry that many people i wouldn't consider a 4door i'd step into that... mini van category.....
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