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Toyota Dealer Targets Guinness World Record for Longest Hybrid Parade

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A group of green car enthusiasts are looking to set a Guinness World Record in Madison, Wisconsin on Sunday, July 24 for the longest hybrid vehicle parade. The event know as Hybrids On Parade, will allow hybrid owners from throughout the Midwest to converge in Madison with 500 hybrids stretching over six miles to break the record. A previous record was set in Belgium in 2010 with a 140 hybrid car parade.

"It's well known Madison has a green streak," says Smart Motors HOP organizer, Paul Cooley. "So it only makes sense that we also hold a world record associated with the technology."

Only the first 500 entrants will be accepted to the parade which will be made up entirely of everything from the Prius and Camry Hybrid (Smart Motors is a Toyota dealer) to the Volt, Fusion Hybrid and Civic Hybrid and more.

"The features of hybrid vehicles really lend it to a parade situation," says Allen Foster, vice president and general manager at Smart Motors. Even with 500 vehicles traveling over 6.2 miles the end result is that they stay in electric mode for all of, or nearly all of the parade."

Those looking to register or find our more info can visit Hybrids on Parade here.

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500 hybrids, line

I want to see a video of all these hybrid toyota's from start to end. That Toyota Dealer is really aiming high. It will be really hard for any group to break that record.

Instead of having Ford, Honda & others in the mix i rather see 500 toyota hybrids lined up.
500 the prii, might be the only time 500 of them will gather up , other than the dealer!
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