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Yup, it’s another crossover concept, this time coming from Toyota. With how hot the segment is right now, can you really blame them?

Called the C-HR, the new small crossover is said to combine the original late-90s RAV4 with the Prius and the GT86. Yes, that is correct; the C-HR is a hybrid crossover that is supposedly fun to drive.

The C-HR features a new, aggressive look that Toyota calls “diamond architecture styling.” This hints at a new styling theme and future design direction for Toyota vehicles.

2014 Paris Motor Show Coverage

Based on an entirely new platform, the C-HR is 171.3-inches long and 72.8-inches wide. That is significantly larger than another funky looking crossover – the Nissan Juke. But with an overall height of just 59 inches, it is nearly three inches shorter, giving the C-HR a sportier look and lower center of gravity.

Toyota is being aloof on the concept’s technical details but has confirmed a new, full hybrid powertrain will be in the C-HR with “significantly improved fuel efficiency.”
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