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To trade or not to trade

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Hi, new on here and looking for some advise. Long story short, took a job last January roughly 150 miles from my house (knowing it would be temporary). Committing to a 1500 mile commute per week I thought the obvious thing to do was buy a Prius. Purchased preowned with around 45K, now have 155K and counting. Commute is coming to an end in 2 months or 12k miles, so with what will be approximately 168K on a 2008 Prius I am trying to decide what to do. Have not had any major issues (knock on wood), mainly only monthly oil changes. My main concern is the battery replacement if/when it fails. I can either keep it as a commuter, will still be commuting roughly 60 miles per day or trade it in for something newer/less miles. Still have 3 years left on my financing which makes it a little trickier to decide. Any thoughts?
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