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The Right Move? Toyota Banking On Prius To Bring It Back From The Brink

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Could the Prius help get Toyota back on it's feet? I have a feeling it might, but unsure if it will be the right move. For all we know it could backfire on Toyota leaving them with little profit.

Two weeks after Japan’s March 11 earthquake knocked out more than 650 of Toyota Motor Corp.

(7203)’s suppliers, halting worldwide production, the automaker had to decide where to focus its resources. It picked the Prius.

“We were rapidly burning through cash,” said Atsushi Niimi, head of production, in an interview. “We decided we had to get things going bit by bit to survive through this, so we prioritized the cars our customers wanted most.”

The carmaker started calling suppliers across the country to find parts for the Prius and luxury-brand Lexus hybrids. By March 28, Toyota’s Tsutsumi and Kyushu factories were producing the models again at 30 to 40 percent of capacity, Niimi said.

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