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Take over the lease & payment of my 2015 Prius Two

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Take over my lease and lease payment!!! I have a Blue 2015 Prius Two with 19,634 miles in pretty great condition (some normal little scratches that can't be avoided). I have kept up the routine maintenance on it as I thought I was going to buy it after the lease ended. We are needing to downsize to a one vehicle household.
I have contacted Toyota Financial Services to find out what are our options. Finding a interested party with approved credit to either buyout the lease, take over the lease, or purchase the Prius is the only plausible option for us right now.
Take a look at the info below:

Lease end date: May 2, 2018
Monthly payment: $240 (lease a Prius and the deposit is covered, SCORE for you!)
Remainder lease payment total: $4,320
Remaining monthly payments: 18
Lease mileage terms: 36,000 miles for 3 year lease
Mileage remaining: 16,385
Mileage remaining per month: 910
Mileage charge per mile over lease agreement: $0.15
Purchase Payoff Amount to own: $19275.16 valid through Nov 1st)

Please let me know if you are interested. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!!! I can contact Toyota Financial Services to get the paperwork started for them to send to interested party for credit check (dependent on credit approval).


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