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If the tail light assembly on your Toyota Prius have become damaged, weather-worn, or simply dull to look at, it is a high time to get the repair done and replace the item.

Spyder manufacturer continues to amaze us with high quality tail lights by adding color and unique style to them. Now the lucky owners of 2011 Prius can enjoy all the advantages and new qualities of brand new LED tail lights exclusively made by Spyder.

These tail lights are available in 2 different colors. So let us know which set is more preferable for you?

Spyder® 111-TPRI10-LBLED-BK - Toyota Prius 2011 Black Light Bar Style LED Tail Lights

Spyder® 111-TPRI10-LBLED-SM - Toyota Prius 2011 Smoke Light Bar Style LED Tail Lights
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