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Start up noise

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I have a 2011 Prius that has developed a noise when the motor first starts and before the car is moved, which is virtually all of the time as it's Feb and I live in a cold climate - New York. The issue has been going on for a month or so.

Sometimes, perhaps 10% - 20% of the time, and only during the INITIAL start of the day is when this occurs. The engines rattles and shakes and you can hear it. To describe it is a little difficult, but it sounds like 1 or 2 cylinders not firing and one of the exhaust pipes really shaking. When this occurs, I shut the motor down, wait 30 seconds and the second try is usually, but not always ok.

I had my wife move the car yesterday as I'm on crutches due to a bad back issue and she comes running into the house worried that she had done something to the car when she tried to start it! Told her to go back outside and try again and it was fine.

Can anyone offer any suggestions or ideas as to what's going on? The car has something less than 16,000 miles on it and has been taken care of.

I'm taking the car into the dealer on Thursday, but I wouldn't mind being forewarned.

My apologies if this in the the incorrect forum or if there's a thread dealing with this issue. If so, just point me in the right direction. :)
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I am agreed what is said above!!! Toyota has recognized the inherent problem of knocking on an abnormally cold start and has remodeled the consumption numerous to correct it.
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