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Should I Buy this 2004 Prius?...need advice

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I am looking at getting a 2nd car. I currently have a 2012 Wrangler which isn't the best on gas, but is a fun toy. There's a local guy selling his 2004 Prius which looks to be in excellent shape and all highway miles. I have never owned a Prius before or any hybrid, but have always liked them. My concerns are the hybrid battery. Would it be due for replacement being a 2004 with 125k highway miles? How much does that cost? Also, anything else to be concerned about? Is there a timing belt on the 2nd Gens that needs replacement or anything? Thanks for any help!

here's the car I'm looking at
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Tough call. ANY vehicle with over 100,000 miles and 10 years old will be somewhat of a gamble.

It's almost impossible to tell if some parts are about worn out and that includes the hybrid battery.

But the asking price seems good.
I think a replacement battery is down around $1K now if you shop around a bit.

Paying a Toyota shop to do an inspection would probably be worth the money.
The seller might even split the cost with you, if you let him keep the report if you don't buy.
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