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Scion FR-S Concept built by Five Axis

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I never knew Five Axis built the FR-S/FT-86 concept car. If your familiar with Five Axis you probably are already thinking about all the sick cars they've built already including concept cars. The FR-S/FT-86 which ever you want to call it is just amazing and this video is something anyone into this specific car will want to see. The video shows the FR-S concept in it's built process, check it out!

From Five Axis:

Here is some behind the scenes footage of the Scion FR-S Concept built by Five Axis. The vehicle was revealed at the 2011 New York International Auto Show to extremely positive reviews. Here are some specs on the vehicle:

- Multi-Stage Custom Blended BASF Mearlite SSQ Base with Custom Blended Red Candy Top Coat

- FIVE:AD Forged Monoblock Center Lock Concept Wheels
- Front - 20x8.5
- Rear - 20x10.5

- Yokohama Advan Neova BluEarth Spec Tires with Custom Cut Tread Design
Front - 245/30ZR20
Rear - 295/25ZR20

- Front: 454mm x 38mm Annular Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) Rotors with 4 Piston Opposed Forged Monoblock Calipers
- Rear: 355mm x 28mm Inboard Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) Rotors with 4 Piston Opposed Forged Monoblock Calipers

For more images and info on the Scion FR-S Concept, visit: Home

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woah.... 295 series tires on that small car.
i wonder why they went for a thicker tire on the front and why not the same 25 all around. never noticed this difference by looking at it but i will make sure to spot it out next time.

either way its an amazing concept built by some of the best builders at five axis, i wonder how close the FT-86 production model will look like the FT-86 concept
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