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Everything within reach is nicely padded and grained, with fluid actions to all of the major controls. The trio of analog gauges are concise and handsomely backlit, and the leather-wrapped wheel is right-sized, although the three spokes seem annoyingly and needlessly thick. Optional leather chairs cosset and support in equal measure (convincing synthetic hides are standard), and the close-to-the-floor seating position quietly reinforces the CT's sporting intent. Rear seat ingress and egress is a bit tight, and adults won't want to ride back there forever, but it's just fine for around-town duty. As with nearly every hybrid we can think of, cargo room takes a hit thanks to the encroaching 168-cell battery pack, but it's still not bad, offering 14.3 cubic feet with the seats up.

This lexus ct200h really does seem to to fill the void between the prius lackluster interior, with the more luxury feel to everything. This may just justify the price you pay for a hybrid with the extra bells and whistles !

Full review here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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