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The driver-less Prius will be interesting to see at the Tokyo Motor Show.
Some people have a lot of faith in driver-less cars, while others dislike the whole idea since if the technology fails or malfunctions.... thinking about it, things can get scary if the car was meant to control it's self.

Sure, we may not having flying cars yet. But cars that drive on their own are a "not-too-distant" future, says Toyota.

At the Tokyo Motor Show next week, the Japanese vehicle maker is reportedly planning to offer show a Prius hybrid car that has been modified to drive itself. Show attendees may get to ride in the back seat of the Toyota AVOS, or Automatic Vehicle Operation System, and experience how the experimental Prius will automatically park, avoid obstacles, and even drive to owners' beckoned calls.

A self-driving Prius is something that search engine giant Google has also been developing separately, according to a recent New York times report. And at a technology conference early this year, Google has shown the progress it has made in the driver-less car idea. (See: Google's driverless car video, presented at the TED 2011 conference.)

The autonomous Prius, however, uses Toyota's own technology and will be highlighted along with other developments in electric vehicle charging stations, smartphone controls and green energy solutions at the company's planned "Smart Mobility Park" display.

Consumer Reports' experts will be monitoring and reporting on news that affects the U.S. market when the Tokyo Motor Show starts Nov. 30.

Sebastian Thrun: Google's driverless car

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