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Proper extension cord to extend my J1772

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I’m unable to reach my back yard where my household outlet is to plug-in my 2013 Prius. What is a safe and appropriate extension cord I can get to be able to slow charge my car which will take three hours rather the the 90 mins if I were at a public charging station. I live in a town house with HOA home owners assoc)rules and regulations and don’t have an outlet in the front of my house. Please help.
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Electrically, a heavy duty extension cord designed for 20 amps should be fine. is a real concern with having a cord running across the yard and around the house to the back.
That would be a trip hazzard and likely is against the rules too.

IF......your governing board is not "friendly", you may not have any good options.
If they are willing to talk about it calmly you might find a solution.......but it likely won't be cheap.
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