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With possibly just enough parts available to build two-thirds of its popular Prius hybrid, on Tuesday Toyota resumed production of that car, plus the Lexus HS250h, and CT 200h hybrids.

The assembly lines had been shut down following the Mar. 11 Japan earthquake, and resulting tsunami that is still causing trouble for the industry.

A Toyota spokesperson was not able to confirm restored production from one of three battery factories damaged during the natural calamity, and which normally supplies the Prius assembly line.

It is speculated by those in the know that the battery plant could still be out of business. If so, this would fit with previous Toyota warnings that U.S. Prius availability will be limited due to the affected battery plant.

More: Production Resumes For Toyota Prius, Lexus HS 250h, CT 200h on

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About time production has been resumed. I'm hoping Toyota takes the right measures to make sure the vehicles there selling locally and/or exporting don't have any traces of radiation. Although production has been resumed I'm hearing that it will take Toyota till September of this year to be at there normal production state and to rid of the back log of parts and cars to be sent out.

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