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We unfortunately left our Prius 2010 sitting for a few months while out of the country. Upon returning, we couldn't even open up the car with the key fob and no response when pressing the Power button. I jumpstarted the Prius and it came back to life - drove it 10 miles and then let it sit in Ready model for 8 hours.

After the 8 hours, I turned it off and then immediately tried to turn it back on, but completely no response like the first time again. I repeated the process a day later (jumpstarting - 8 hours sitting), but same result.

After each jumpstart the warning message (Key Not Detected) is being displayed continually while the car is on, even with the fob right there. I've ordered a new fob battery and a multimeter to check the 12 V.

Trying to get an idea of what the issue could be before taking a costly trip to the mechanics. Hoping it's just the 12V battery that needs replacing and not something more serious.

Thank you so much for any replies!

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