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I mid July I installed a Cusco strut tower bar in my new (Feb. 2014) 2013 Prius V.

The main difference I can feel is that the steering seems more precise, especially in fast maneuvers. This is, of course, due to less body flexing of the strut tower bars, where the body gets a lot of stress during hard cornering.

Nest up is some more underbody bracing (2 more) and a front sway bar. Then I should get flatter cornering.

Finally in 2015 I'll add lower coil springs for a 1" drop. This will also give better handling by:
1. lowering the center of gravity
2. tightening up the shocks a bit with less travel available

Then my performance and handling mods will be finished. I suspect that with three underbody braces and a strut tower bar the longish Prius V will be torsionally stiffer than even the new body of the 2015 Prius V. (Now delayed until Dec. of 2015.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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