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A city/town is luck enough to have a fleet of 150 Toyota Prius's as their green cabs. If you look at the article below you can read more on it.
I have yet to see "green" taxi cabs where I live. I believe in NY they are already starting to use hybrid vehicles for the yellow cab fleet.

The Prius should make for a good cab, not sure how well it will work with the requirements for a taxi but to me it has enough space and trunk space to be a cab.

Would the Prius be a good vehicle to be used as a Taxi cab in American cities?

The Christchurch quake is hastening the arrival of a new Queenstown taxi operator.

National company Green Cabs aims to hit local streets by late next month.

Reduced work in Christchurch following the February quake has brought forward its Queenstown plans, southern area manager Diane Bramao says.

“Drivers in Christchurch are wanting to go down or send their cars down because of the lack of work here.”

The company, which also operates in Auckland and Wellington, runs a fleet of 150 Toyota Prius electric/petrol hybrids.

“Our flagfall might be a little bit higher but our per km rate is a lot cheaper,” Bramao says.

Green Cabs will operate at least five vehicles 24 hours a day as legally required, she adds.

The company has advertised for local owner/operators on the Trade Me website.
Green cabs on way - Queenstown News

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governments want us to have cleaner air and we all want cleaner air, imagine if all cabs were hybrid that alone will do a major part.

taxi's run nearly 24/7 and do hundreds of thousands of KM's, much more than any of us can do. A green fleet is the way to go worldwide. governments in Canada/USA should give rebates to taxi drivers when buying green cars for taxi use.

Prius is too small to be a taxi in America, a bigger version..... Camry will work well..

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