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Hello Everyone!

I have a Prius Plus and I'have been struggling with the next problem.

The engine jerks and the igniton jingles.

No error code ind ECU system, but we made a live data monitoring test (enroute) and the computer signed
ignition problem in changing piston. Once piston 1 and then piston 4 then piston 2 etc. but not continously neverthless the engine jerked all on the test way.

What we did for fixing the problem:

- EGR valve pipe and cooling system cleaned
- Repleaced spark plug and coil
- Repleaced air mass sensor
- Engine cooling water level ok
- oil consuption 0,5liter(0,13gal)-1liter(0,26gal) / 15.000km (9500mi) so its ok

Has enyone have idea?

Thanks Adam!

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Hard to help with things like this by "remote control".
I suspect you need the help of a Prius mechanic or shop.

P.S. Please post your questions on only ONE sub-forum here.
I have deleted the other one.
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