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Toyota is updating its figures for the Prius Plug-in Hybrid model ahead of the car's launch, with improved numbers for both the MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) rating and the remaining hybrid drive mpg rating. Previously Toyota had claimed the plug-in Prius would achieve 87 mpge using the electric mode and a 49 mpg once the battery pack energy is depleted and the car resumes operation as a conventional Prius.

The new numbers announced by Toyota Division Group VP and GM Bob Carter at a launch program for the Prius c put the plug-in model at an improved 95 mpge, while the regular hybrid drive operation has increased one mpg to 50. That MPGe number is now just one shy of the Chevy Volt.

The Prius Plug-in Hybrid will get a 15 mile range on electric energy alone, at speeds of up to 62 mph. In addition, the car will gain a AT-PZEV emission rating meaning it will qualify for access to California's HOV lanes.

First deliveries of the Prius plug-in hybrid to customers will take place in March.

More: Prius Plug-in Hybrid Gets Improved 95 MPGe Rating on
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