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How do i update my 2012 CPO prius plug in software.
i tried - download the 3.2 version, unzipping the file in a usb drive and plunging the usb into the usb port in my prius. I have version 1.8 ....
but nothing happened.

Please let me know how to update to the latest version.
I am having issues with Bluetooth and the usb reading.
I do not want to pay $200+ to the dealer to update the entune software.

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What is the price they charge an estimate?
I have no idea.
Call a dealer or two and ask.
I've heard that it can be $200 or more just to update the NAV map.

P.S. Before you go paying for this update, it might save you a ton of money if you discuss the problem with a service manager or two and try to get the update done as a warranty item. They sometimes will do that even if your expressed warranty has expired.
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