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Prius Owners: Did you get your "Prius Goes Platinum" Badge? If not, read this thread!

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Prius Owners: Did you get your "Prius Goes Platinum" Badge? If not, read this thread!

from autoblog: Toyota offers free badge of honor to Prius owners — Autoblog
To commemorate the epic milestone of one million Prius hybrids sold in the United States, Toyota is literally giving away "Prius Goes Platinum" badges to more than 11,000 current Prius owners.

If you own a Prius, don't delay. Starting today, only the first 1,000 Prius owners who sign up at will get their hands on a free custom-molded, adhesive-backed vehicle badge. The next 10,000 takers get their badges in sticker form, while everyone else gets their badges digitally. The auto-generated badge reflects, in an artistic sort of way, the CO2 emissions saved by each individual Prius.

CLICK HERE to get your badge from Toyota

from Toyota
Thanks to Prius people like you, America's favorite hybrid has reached an epic milestone: one million Prius vehicles have been sold across the country.

We'd like to celebrate with you.

Tell us a few simple things below, and we'll send you a complimentary Prius Goes Platinum badge. The information you enter will only be used to create your completely custom design. No two badges will be exactly alike.

The first 1000 who enter below get their badge custom-molded, while the next 10,000 get theirs in sticker form. And everyone gets their badges digitally, even after the 11,000 mark.

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Its kind of stupid but its smart that Toyota is doing this for marketing reasons to give Prius owners a special feel to everything they have. But make me wonder how designed some of these badges...
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