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Toyotas are built to last but that doesnt mean they do not need parts. FCP Import in Connecticut is an online business that has just expanded their parts catalogue to include nearly 300 Parts for the Prius. That is just a sample of the almost 9,000 parts they carry for all three of Toyota's brands in America.Sitting in their warehouse are parts for classic Toyota models like the Crown and Mark II. They are just near the parts for every generation of Land Cruiser, Camry and Sienna.

Many of the parts being offered by FCP are Genuine Toyota/Lexus/Scion. There are however nearly 500 other brands offered including many performance companies like Borla and Brembo. FCP also stocks the Bosch fuel injection parts that are used on many higher-end Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Scot Drozd, CEO of FCP Imports was very pleased when he made the announcement. "Toyota possesses a high level of credibility with their parts, matching FCP’s commitment in bringing our customers the best OEM and replacement parts at the best prices.”

[Source:Digital Journal]
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