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prius l.e.d. tail lights

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these are really sick Prius L.E.D. tail lights, who knows where to get them?
What do L.E.D. tail lights cost usually, 400-800 bucks or what?

i know everyone will want these tail lights, just amazing.
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they look good but im not a fan of L.E.D. Tails since i see it as a bling thing, factory lights are good enough as is or Toyota wont issue them out to us. But i think SpecdTuning carries LED Tails for the Prius.

However tho i see a lot of people from Japan have them, so that specific one might just be from JDM suppliers. good luck
I like them as they consume low power,easy to install, with high intensity and also with super ultra bright color bulb.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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