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Prius insurance?

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What would the insurance cost of a Prius be? The car isnt exaclly a "cheap" car. Also since the car has so much high tech gadgetry, wouldn't it cost more to insure?

Also since the car does seem harder to repair, since not everyone knows how to work on a Hybrid, would all these effect your insurance policy?

I would assume though claims on a Prius would be low?
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not a cheap car but it's one of the best on insurance rates since it is a sedan, non-sporty, hybrid (not crazy fast), not known to be stolen & it's a car older and more mature people usually drive them.

repair and servicing for a prius cannot be costly or hard to repair. the prius has been out for 10 years!! it's the best selling hybrid. the last thing toyota wants to is to deter people from buying the Prius

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