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Prius Group-buy

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Anyone interested in doing a Prius group-buy within the next couple of weeks to negotiate for a bigger discount? I am looking at the Two in Southern California. Have a national dealer quoting me 20,122 with 2,000 cash back already applied, and most other quotes in the area are similar. But I think we can get a better deal! We are almost at the end of a regular model year (Toyota is, however, delaying the release of the 2016), and the new 2016 will be new technology and body, so 2015's should be discounted even more, right? Thank you for considering!!:D
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Interesting idea but not practical.

The members of the "group" could never agree close enough together to make it appealing to the dealer.

What if you just rounded up 10 friends who claimed to be buyers and then after you got your deal, they all disappeared ???

Dealers are pretty smart when it comes to MONEY.......and possible scams.
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