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Prius C Concept pictures

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If the Prius C makes it to production it will defiantly be the car to go with if you want Lexus styling from the LF-CH but the affordable price tag. I'm loving the Prius C Concept design, it resembles the LF-CH a lot but it has it's own unique exterior features. Enjoy the pic's i grabbed from THIS autoguide article

Toyota Prius C Concept exterior pictures

Toyota Prius C Concept Interior pictures

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What else do you know about the prius c?? this seems like it will be just like the regular prius but just in a fancy shell and newer interior features.

No details about a drivetrain were provided, but Bob Carter, Toyota Division VP and General Manager did comment at the car’s reveal that it will get better fuel economy than the Prius – so look for something above 50-mpg. As more of an entry level model, it’s also slated to get a more attractive price.

50 mpg's sounds good, but is it possible to get that number? if we get that number i wonder if there are any drawbacks to it, e.x. no A/C
It may be that, but the whole seat design is cool but i don't think it will work, it think they are trying to give the prius a high scale and move it up on the luxury part of the car, so it feels and looks like the price you paid for your car.
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