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Possible new owner :) Saying hello and asking for help with my choice.

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Hi all,

Been loyal to Toyota for many years on and off since the early 90's and consistently since 06 with a Scion xA and Lexus RX330. Till now I just was not very happy with the Prius designs. Way to bland for me but the new generation really sparks my interest.

I am in very serious debate on selling the RX330 cause it's not a very efficient V6 and I get about 19mpg hwy at the moment on the daily. I love the ride and comfort and room and luxury but well you know. So my alternative right now is the second or third gen Prius. I am thinking used out of lease still under warranty. Maybe trade in with some money down and would pay off the loan within a year.

With the third gen in mind my questions are about all this II, III, IV. I think the IV is with the Navi but I really can't see any difference in the others accept the JBL system. If there is a Double Din replacement system for this car I would really consider getting one without the built in navi as I am not sure I could afford the IV new or used at this point.

I would really like to get into a third gen. So any help would be appreciated. I might have to bite the bullet and get a second gen with smaller mileage or Honda Insight as they are selling new for $18.5 but want to stay with Toyota as I think their designs are better.

Thanks all!
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The RX330 is a really nice SUV, I had a chance to drive one and if gas mileage wasn't an issue i'd get one in a heart beat.

i know a few 3rd gen prius owners and they have nothing but good things to say about them. it is one of the best looking prius models out now and out of all the prius generations it's the one with the least amount of flaws.

whats your budget?
how much miles/km's do you do a on a weekly basis?

not sure if cargo space would be an issue for you but, going from an RX to a Prius, you won't have as much space.

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Toyota Innova replaced the ageing Toyota Qualis. Toyota Innova is essentially a MUV but it also carries with it the elegance of a sedan. Toyota Innova comes in both petrol and diesel engine. The petrol engine has Toyota VVT-I, while diesel engine has D4D.With a 1.5-tonne kerb weight to haul, the Innova needs less power than heavier competition like the Scorpio and Tavera, and the 102bhp and 20.39kgm of twist from the 2.5-litre common rail turbo-diesel cope well. The relatively short gear ratios are perfectly matched to the engine's power and torque characteristics, and complement the superb driveability. As a result, ambling in city traffic is a breeze and you never feel a lack of power or the need to downshift.
Welcome to this forum site and this toyota car is so looking nice.
welcome to this forum
the images of toyota car is awesome
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